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Things We've Learned from's New Art+Tech Talk Series

Art+Tech Talk Series: Empowering feminist & LGBTQ+ artists through AI, blockchain, & ethical tech.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and societal shifts, the intersection of art, technology, and business has become a focal point for discussions on equality, diversity, and inclusion. Avant.Dev's Art+Tech Talk Series takes center stage in this conversation, serving as a platform for emerging feminist and LGBTQ+ artists from Mexico to showcase their work and explore the transformative role of technology in art ownership and provenance.

Shaping Narratives of Our Era

Our represented artists - María Rébora, Milka Goldaracena, Murakiit, Juanna Pedro, Fugitiva, and La pinche adultez (Ana Armitage and Ingrid León) - are at the forefront of this exploration, using their unique perspectives to generate open dialogues, break boundaries, and uncover new possibilities. The Art+Tech Talk Series inquires the technical and philosophical aspects of AI-Driven creativity and blockchain applications, questioning our relationship with visualized reality, belonging, and provenance.

Empowering the Art Market Through Technology

By democratizing access to knowledge and resources, the series contributes to the creation of a more transparent and equitable art market. Artists, collectors, and enthusiasts can engage with the market on a level playing field, where informed decision-making and meaningful connections are fostered through the power of technology.

Ethical Responsibility in the Art+Tech Industry

In the rapidly evolving fields of art, technology, and business, it is crucial to prioritize ethics. Whether it's AI-generated art or data privacy, we must strive for ethical advancements that foster diversity, inclusivity, and responsible practices.

The Art+Tech Talk Series recognize the transformative potential of technology in bridging gaps and breaking down barriers within the art world. By harnessing the capabilities of data analytics and insights, the series empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the art market with confidence and clarity.

How do collectors benefit from artist's royalties?

Through its commitment to inclusivity, equal opportunities, and the democratization of knowledge, the Art+Tech Talk Series sets the stage for a future where the art market is accessible, transparent, and driven by the collective wisdom of its participants. As we embrace the intersection of art and technology, we unlock new possibilities for growth, innovation, and collaboration, ultimately reshaping the landscape of the art world.

Using advanced technology, the art+tech industry helps artists get fair compensation for their works in the secondary market. By tracking ownership and sales transparently and using smart contracts, artists benefit financially as their artworks gain value, promoting transparency and integrity in the art market.

Avant.Dev's New Artist Representations

Artist María Rébora presenting the sculpture titled "Untitled" at the new Avant.Dev's Art+Tech talk series event in Mexico City, 2024.
Artist Milka Goldaracena presenting the photography titled "La Gallera" at the new Avant.Dev's Art+Tech talk series event in Mexico City, 2024.
Artist Juanna Pedro presenting the painting titled "Castillo Desdén" at the new Avant.Dev's Art+Tech talk series event in Mexico City, 2024.

Future-proofing for equality, diversity, and inclusion in the art market through AI, blockchain, and ethical tech.

Photos of Muviery