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Metamundi: Visions, Prisms & Paradigms of the Interior at Zibi, Gatineau

Tersermundo & Avant.Dev present Metamundi: an immersive metaverse event exploring art, philosophy, & tech at Spaces Zibi, Gatineau.

Tersermundo & Avant.Dev are excited to announce "Metamundi: Visions, Prisms & Paradigms of the Interior", an exclusive event taking place on April 30th, 2024, from 3-5pm at Spaces Zibi in Gatineau. This immersive experience will explore the metaverse's potential for creative expression and philosophical inquiry.

Metamundi, developed by Tersermundo using cutting-edge Unity technologies, offers a groundbreaking journey through a world where art, philosophy, and technology intertwine. Guided by visionaries Tania Ramos and Erick González, attendees will engage with thought-provoking installations, AI Policy Tools, and collectibles from a new paradigm.


Artists: Caracolito, Katherine Gómez, Isocrone, Natalia Villaseñor, Roger Muñoz, Café Internet (Wilmer Rodríguez), Fugitiva Esperando Que Lueva, Luna, Juan Covelli, eterno tumbao, Addly Muff, Ivana Morales, Muri, Cheapqueen, Juanna Pedro, Qanby, Emoji de Ojitos, Canek Zapata, Silvan Cerviño, Fer Gress, Gurrumata, Martha Maya, Roberto Delgadillo, Foquita Chueva, Viviana Lorenzo, Bv Yi, Emilio Morales, Fernanda Almanza, Salvador Loza, Rico, Diza Star, Jagee Paprika, Jashim, Julicore, Eduardo Espinosa, sinead60, Jill Scott H, Bocanegra Nube, Zephyr

This event is tailored for forward-thinking individuals seeking to expand their horizons and be at the forefront of the metaverse revolution. Join us to network with fellow enthusiasts and shape the future of art and technology.

Metamundi: Visions, Prisms, and Paradigms of the Interior | Artsy
Explore Metamundi: Visions, Prisms, and Paradigms of the Interior from Avant.Dev on Artsy. April 30 - May 1, 2024.

To secure your spot, please RSVP by email to Follow on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks.

Don't miss this transformative experience – we look forward to seeing you!